Cam Spillman

Cam Spillman began his technology career with the AT&T Bell System in the 80's, developing technology solutions for financial and network planning management. He began information technology consulting in 1994, assisting dozens of organizations in the selection and implementation of data integration, CRM and ERP systems, and creation of Web enabled decision support systems.

Cam has held the positions of chief information officer for a medical insurance billing organization, lead CRM impementation manager for an international leasing agency, innovations in HL7 health data integration and a variety of successful web implementations, including:

Fashion Institute of Technology Website Redesign

Edward Jones Website Redesign

YMCA of Greater St. Louis Initial Website

Throughout his career Cam has contributed in settings as diverse as health care, education, transportation, manufacturing, finance and marketing/advertising. All along the way he has continued to evangelize open systems and standardization over proprietary tools and techniques.

Cam calls planet Earth his home, and proudly calls Missouri his backyard.